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 Operation Inner Core - A Brief History

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Operation Inner Core - A Brief History Empty
PostSubject: Operation Inner Core - A Brief History   Operation Inner Core - A Brief History EmptyFri Dec 30, 2011 1:15 pm

With the successful Migration to our new Server and Forum Domain today, leaving behind an empty shell here that only offers a fleeting glimpse of all that has gone before; I felt it would be an appropriate time to write a brief history of Operation Inner Core. From our humble beginnings on Usenet, darknet, through the interesting landscape of the World Wide Web, and finally, onto our still humble current existence, back in the comfortable seclusion of Darknet once again.


Operation Inner Core began, in its very early form, with a small group of four friends (who you know as Morpheus, Enki, Trinity, and SOL). Far from the highly motivated hub of activity it has become today, OIC was initially a relaxed, very simple Bulletin Board System (BBS), that we created so we could chat amongst ourselves 'online' when we were not able to meet up in person. All four of us would most likely be termed by your average Joe Public, mainstream media believing drone, as complete "nutters"! Laughing
In other words, we don't "tow the party line", and like to investigate the nature of 'truth' for our own good selves, rather than taking the 'establishment' or media's "word" for it. Wink


We created our initial BBS as a means to pool our resources and compare ideas, in a way that we could actually keep a written record of our discussions. We called our first BBS - "The Padded Room (TPR)", in a 'tongue in cheek' recognition that the nature of the things we would be likely to discuss, would be deemed "weird" by most of the heavily indoctrinated drones that we call "society". cyclops

We were all quite spiritually curious, and many of our initial discussions pertained as much to exploring the true nature of "reality", as they did to uncovering the many layers of hidden 'truths' concealed from the world at large, by secretive "shadowy" governments.


As time passed, the nature of our enquiries lead us along a path of discovery together, that by it's very nature, attracted us to other 'like-minded' souls, and they to us. By the time it was decided to expand our discussions to a new means of communication, namely by way of our first foray into the murky world of Usenet's ALT. Groups, our allied contingent of 'truth-seekers' had grown into a tight-knit group of sixteen close friends.

It was this rag tag band of Rebellious 'youth', (most of the group in their early to mid twenties at the time) that was to establish what became known as G-16.


G-16 began to acquire for itself in certain 'underground' circles, a reputation for being a very pioneering, insightful, and respected investigative 'think-tank', who's stated purpose for 'being', was "to challenge the nature of the established order, and encourage new, open minded ways of thinking".

Philosophy, spirituality, political thought, and social commentary, were all very strong dishes on the menu, and often formed the main ingredients in the lively and fascinating discussions that were served up.

The dynamic of the group, took on a kind of online secretive "Dead Poets Society" aura about it; an outlet of passionate free expression for the disaffected and disenchanted, mostly without the poetry, and with a spiritual, philosophical and political twist. There was a real sense of adventure, accompanied by a strong vibe of unity and harmony of purpose forming amongst the group; and meetings, both on and offline, became places and events of great positive energy, with a real tangible feeling that we had set out upon something of great importance and significance to us.


The group continued to steadily expand, and G-16 would often sit to discuss its growth, setting new directions, planning new projects, and to come up with a new name, which would accurately represent what our group was becoming.

In one such conversation, it was stated that, "in effect, this Group represents a rebellion against the system, and of that group, we are essentially it's inner core".
There followed a period of silence, as we all digested those words, before Trinity (who had been taking notation), suddenly exclaimed: "RATS!" -- as the initials of what she had just written down dawned on her.

Becoming aware of the quizzical looks she was receiving from the group, she went on to spell out:
"RATS! R.A.T.S. Rebellion Against The System!"

Enki summed up the feelings of the 16, while musing: "Yep. Like it. Rats live underground (kind of like us), and as Pearl Jam sang, 'they don't scurry when something bigger comes their way'".

A new name for the Group had been chosen, and G-16, would become its "Inner Core".

Inner Core:

In Taoist philosophy, the Inner Core represents an inner tower of spiritual energy within each of us, that comprises the three main central energy power 'Centres' of our Soul, known as "Tan Tiens" (or "Fields of Heaven"). They are the main "hubs of energy" that power our existence.

As G-16 expanded into RATS, this new group was essentially composed of the 16 original members, representing basically the core elements of the group and driving its direction; and the many new members who had decided to join, after becoming "commenter's" on G-16's by now infamous (in certain underground circles), weekly 'Open' "Sunday Sessions". These were held on a Usenet sub-Group on Sunday evenings, and open to interested parties to join in the discussions and debates. G-16 continued to set the direction for the newly established "Rebellion Against The System", as essentially its influential 'think tank' as the 'heartbeat' of the group. So it just felt 'right' to the group, that we take on the whole mantle of Morpheus' initial statement at the time we were meeting to think of a new name:

"In effect, this Group represents a Rebellion Against The System, and of that group, we are essentially it's Inner Core".


As RATS grew from strength to strength, the group decided to take its venture out more into the open, and launched a new site, its first on the World Wide Web.

We experimented with a few different free forum hosts, but on each occasion, we were not entirely satisfied with the direction we were heading. We intended for, and were open to the the expansion of the group to new members, but often found ourselves frustrated at the overall quality of our experience, once exposed to a greater quantity
of membership. In many cases, much of the new membership was not entirely compatible with the harmonious and respectful atmosphere we had long established amongst ourselves; and we felt that more and more discord was creeping into the ranks, through such things as general internet trolling, and the more targeted influence of intentional subversion tactics, as many of a more shall we say "nationalistic" approach to their political persuasions began to raise a more prominent voice within the group.

The Split:

Throughout this period, G-16 had always still maintained our own private BBS style group, so as to remain true to our initial statements of purpose, and during our meetings, often discussed amongst ourselves the situations developing within RATS, as its core founder members.

After a time, it was decided that we could no longer remain true to our vision, and still be a part of what RATS was developing into at the same time. That is in no way any kind of slight against RATS, the majority of whose core membership we still retain close friendships with. It was far more to do with remaining true to our vision of what G-16 was all about, than a disagreement with what was occurring within RATS.

There had in effect, simply developed two diverging paths within the group, as to the direction we desired to take as we moved forward. It was very amicably decided that RATS would continue under new facilitators from within, and G-16 would break away to form a new group, and establish another new Forum for those who felt closer to our philosophy and direction than that of the main group which had developed.

Operation Inner Core:

RATS decided to take their online activities further away from the main WWW, into the Deep Web; while G-16, having investigated a recommendation to look into Forumotion, ended up creating the Forum you see before you, and establishing Operation Inner Core.

Forumotion proved to be an excellent free hosting solution for us, and what was initially to be a short term stay, saw us build up a great new membership base, who mostly fitted in very well with our mission statement and positive, action oriented intent. Whilst we always had plans to invest in a server and domain of our own, the quality of what we were able to accomplish for free through Forumotion, lessened the need for urgency in our progress on that front.

Roughly two years into our stay here, the G-16 "Core" of 'Operation Inner Core' began meetings to decide on our next steps, and put into action our intentions for a new Home, all of our own. Free hosting had worked for us for a time, but we now felt the moment had come for something different, and entirely under our own control.

We had established a new membership base we were very comfortable with, which had fostered an excellent working dynamic together. Operation Inner Core had developed pretty much into what we had always desired it to become: A passionate, yet mature and respectful, open minded group; that challenge outdated modes of thinking, tired redundant social structures, rigid old belief systems, and draconian warmongering political agendas, all of which clearly are no longer working for Humanity, (if they ever actually 'worked' in the first place).

We had indeed cultivated here, a busy and positive Community with the potential to bring much good to our world, with our original Core 16 founding members, working at the centre as facilitators; acting as the dedicated "hub of energy" to oversee the smooth running, progression and innovation of Operation Inner Core.

Deep Web / Darknet:

It was decided that we were very happy with the Group Membership as it was, and the time had come to once again close our doors to the public, and return to our roots, of being a Private, Invitational Community. That is not to say Operation Inner Core is a completely closed shop; as from time to time we do offer invitations to certain bright souls we encounter on our journeys, that we feel would be a good fit with our group.

The last six months or so have been spent in that current status-quo, which has seen a great strengthening in the overall bond and unity of our Community, whilst our Inner Core has been engaged in the process of preparing our new Home Forum.

It was decided that we would return even further to our roots with our new site, following the route of our RATS friends, and disappearing back into the far reaches of our own Private 'off the grid' darknet, within the vastness of the Deep Web, in which to host our new Home.

This move affords us the privacy and security that we desire, in planning, creating, and actioning our adventurous new Projects, which live up to and express the ideals of our core mission statements.

Projects and Action:

Taking action, is at the heart of and central to Operation Inner Core philosophy. You identify an area or aspect of the human life experience you feel can be improved upon, so, you don't just sit there on your hands, bemoaning the injustice of it all; no, you instead invest your most concerted efforts into effecting the positive change you wish to see in your world.

The Projects and Special Operations devised and actioned within the Operation Inner Core Community, are always intended for the highest good of Humanity. So naturally, our goals are diametrically opposed to those tasked with running the joint from behind the scenes. Wink
You know who you are. Laughing
We are a non-violent Community, who prefer to exercise our free will to create, through the mediums of Art, Sound, Visuals, Digital Technology, and exposing Truth through acts of positive Civil Disobedience, using methods of subliminal subversion. All Operation Inner Core Projects and Special Operations, are designed and carried out with the firm intention that no-one is physically harmed in any way.

We are peaceful beings, not militant. And every action that we take, is in dedicated service to the One, and helping our fellow human brothers and sisters with freeing their minds, from the multi-levels of thought prisons that have them trapped in this material world.

If you understand what it is you're looking at, you may find an abundance of our subtle and discreet use of subliminal Game Icons as silent spiritual reminders to a slumbering human race. We generally prefer to operate more via skilful and artful stealth, than using "shock and awe" tactics.

Operation Inner Core is parent to the following Projects and Special Operations:

Project(s): Clearwater / Clearchannel / Dambuster / Daybreak / Project 57 /

Special Operation(s): WTW (Watching The Watchers) / Cloaking Device / Optimised Response /

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Operation Inner Core - A Brief History Empty
PostSubject: Re: Operation Inner Core - A Brief History   Operation Inner Core - A Brief History EmptySat Dec 31, 2011 4:41 am

Wow, that's an excellent write up mate! Cool
A lot of work gone into that!

One thing Morph, what about Random Acts of Kindness? Nothing in the Projects part about it?
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Operation Inner Core - A Brief History Empty
PostSubject: Re: Operation Inner Core - A Brief History   Operation Inner Core - A Brief History EmptySat Dec 31, 2011 5:35 am

Thanks Enki, much appreciated my friend.

As for Random Acts of Kindness, it was never technically recognised as an 'Official' Project or Special Operation. It is not centrally driven or administered, and has no specific stated desired end result, other than of course, its obvious positive intentions.

As an ongoing 'extra-curricular activity', it is of course an important part of our work, but with participation, contributions and activities being purely on a self arranged, non centralised basis, Random Acts of Kindness doesn't actually come under the Projects or Operations description.

Well raised though Enki, and I shall indeed add something on it to the article.
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Operation Inner Core - A Brief History Empty
PostSubject: Re: Operation Inner Core - A Brief History   Operation Inner Core - A Brief History Empty

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Operation Inner Core - A Brief History

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