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A Private and Confidential, Invitation Only Community, dedicated to the preparation for the Great Harvest
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PostSubject: Invitation:   Invitation: EmptyThu Mar 10, 2011 2:41 pm

We have once again decided to briefly open the doors to our Private Community and offer a short period of "Open Recruitment".

You have been invited here, as for some considerable time, I have followed your efforts across the many websites and message boards relating to our subjects of interest, and have been impressed by your contributions to the general "truth seeking" Community.

It has long been my desire, to bring together the most dedicated and passionate amongst us, into an environment where we may pool our resources, and combine our efforts, in order that we may maximize our potential, to perform our Service to Others, to the very best of our ability, and for the highest good of all concerned.

This Community, is the latest step toward realizing my ambitions in this regard.

You fine and courageous souls who are here now, reading my words, are my first choices, to whom I wish to extend the invitation, to become part of a project that, with the right guidance, vision, drive, and dedication, has the potential to bring much light, into a dark world.

I have brought you here, because I believe that you have what it takes, to truly make a difference.

It is my strong desire, to have you join with myself and my team, and use your many talents to help us build something amazing.
Something that matters.

I wish for you to join with us, the founding fathers of this fledgling Community, and become a valued part of our "Inner Core". A team assembled from some of the finest souls imaginable, to do something beautiful for humanity, in a time where most have given up hope, and written off our race as 'terminally corrupted', and beyond salvation.

I see so much more in us, than that.

I see the divine spark of our Infinite Creator, alive and well, in the hearts of each and every one of us, and I see in you, hope for humanity.

Individually, it can feel so helpless at times, (knowing the things we know) as though we carry the weight of the world upon our shoulders.

But our strength, is in our Unity. And in joining together, we need not carry that burden alone.

So, it is with a humble, and yet passionate spirit, that I ask you to join with us; to share in my vision, and help to build and develop this Community into a force for great good in this world. Into something which, when all is said and done, we can all look back upon, and be justly proud of our efforts.

Does this sound to you, like something that you wish to become a part of?

Do you look into your heart, and know with every fibre of your being, that you are here, in this world, at this pivotal moment in our history, for a very specific reason?

There is nothing by chance, my friends. Nothing.

If, having read my words to you, you feel inspired to catch our vision, and help us to build and fulfill the potential of this project, then you shall then need to register a new account.

It is requested that you sign up with the name I first contacted you under, so as I know who you are. You will be free to choose another (more 'theme appropriate') username if desired once your clearance is received.

Please remain patient whilst our Security Team process your application. You will be notified by email when the Administration Team have activated your account.

Once you have received Activation, you will be able to make an "application" post at the Security Gate. Please then read the 'pinned' topic entitled: "Required Code of Conduct", and reply stating your agreement to the tenets of our Community.

An Administrator will be notified once you have done so. Please be patient, while the Administrator will then check your application; and so long as your name is on the "Invitation List", you will receive your Security Clearance to enter into the Reception Area.

Please report to the "Front Desk" and introduce yourself.

The other areas of the facility will then open themselves up to you.

Please then spend some time taking a closer look around. We want you to enjoy your time and participation here, and if for any reason, you find that you do not wish to stay, I can assure you there will be no hard feelings.

Thank you very much for your time, and for reading. It is my sincere hope that we shall soon see you inside, and have the pleasure of welcoming you into our team.

I leave you with my Best Wishes, and Warmest Regards.

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