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 Required Code of Conduct:

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Required Code of Conduct: Empty
PostSubject: Required Code of Conduct:   Required Code of Conduct: EmptySat Jun 06, 2009 11:22 am

The Staff Team here at Operation Inner Core, are delighted at your interest in joining our Project, and we look forward to receiving your written application.

To proceed in applying for your Security Clearance, it will be necessary for you to carefully examine our Required Code of Conduct, and state your agreement with it's Principles and Ethics, in a reply to this topic.

We enjoy a relaxed and friendly working atmosphere here at the Facility; and whilst there is plenty of room for lighthearted banter, this is in essence, a mature Community, which is built upon the foundations of a strong mutual respect for one another.

To maintain our existing culture of respect, honour, and courtesy toward each other, both as colleagues in our challenging Assignments, and as fellow Human Beings, a high standard of personal conduct is expected at all times.

The Tenets, and Required Code of Conduct, of Operation Inner Core:

  1. We expect our members to treat one another with Respect; at All Times.

  2. Disagreeing with one another is perfectly fine. Being disrespectful in your disagreement, is Not.

  3. Your opinion is valuable. Please feel free to express it; whilst remembering that others' opinions are just as valuable as your's.

  4. When engaging one another in debate, please remember the Golden Rule: Kick the ball, not the player. (Personal insults are not welcome).

  5. This is a Mature Community. We expect that you maintain your composure and exercise diplomacy when speaking with other members.

  6. Please do not use txt speak, not everyone has English as their first language, and may not understand you. Thx m8s. Wink

  7. Please do not type using ALL CAPITALS, as it looks like you are SHOUTING! affraid

  8. Above all, please remember to enjoy yourself. Smile

A great deal of thought, planning, time, love, and care, has gone into the creation of this themed Community. Please do your best to put these same qualities into your own participation here, to ensure a most rewarding experience, and that our Community continues to thrive and flourish. Very Happy
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Required Code of Conduct:

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